Elvira Vedelago Model, Blogger and Co-Founder of POSTSCRIPT

Elvira Vedelago Model, Blogger And Co-Founder Of Postscript

Where to begin, we could start with her blog, Bad Blogger a stylish visual diary that documents the ‘successes and failures of her life’s journey’. Or I could start with, she’s a model and has worked for well-known fashion and beauty brands or just lead with her most recent achievement, Postscript, which she Co-Founded and launched earlier this year. Postscript is an intelligent and beautifully curated journal, ‘a cultural anthology that aims to produce inspiring content reframing women of culture in contemporary conversations’. A much needed voice for the millennial woman of colour. Here she talks about her journey from working in the NHS to fashion blogging, her must have beauty products and how she finds the time to do it all whilst staying centered and still have time to help friends out with their projects, BASE included.