Features , 26 March 2016

Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mist

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We need some Chakra over here please! Is a phrase often heard in the office, not BASE HQ but at my other job and to be more specific I mean the far end of the floor where the fashion and beauty desks are located. The order for chakra is usually delivered in a shit-is-about-to-get real sort of tone, a bit like a police officer radioing for back up, meaning the situation is urgent and immediate assistance is required.

Just to clarify, in the ‘fashion world’ when an editor or an assistant requests ‘the chakra’ it’s the Aveda Balancing Body Mist that they’re after. Why? Because fashion is deadly serious and extremely stressful. Yes, it might look glamorous and fun and it is, 10% of the time but the rest of the time it’s intense, demanding and very long hours.
I often have to remind myself that we’re not saving lives but when it’s your fourth consecutive late night in the office, preparing for a mammoth fashion shoot abroad or you lose the option on your model the day before your shoot, it’s really hard to keep things in perspective.

So, it’s fair to say that the introduction of the sprays to the office has been work-life changing. Rarely does an hour goes by without someone spritzing the air, usually me, with a re-energising calming mist, which is then followed by a collective sigh from the team. Now, you’re actually supposed to spray the mist on yourself but we’ve gotten into the habit of spraying it into the atmosphere instead so that everyone in the vicinity can benefit from its uplifting effects. See, contrary to popular belief fashion girls aren’t devils and they can rarely afford Prada.  The unique blend of pure essential oils are so deliciously refreshing that it makes you stop and breathe deeply. Taking a few seconds to breathe properly and re-balance really does help you to refocus and deal with the task at hand. I know, it may sound a little dramatic but it actually works, so judge away I’m totally cool with it.

My current favourite is Chakra 2, the centre of vitality and sensation. I am literally obsessed with it, if I had to pack a survival kit this would 100% be going in. Aveda Chakra 2 gets the BASE stamp of approval, it’s totally legit.

By Abisoye Odugbesan

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