Features , 26 October 2015

Bioderma Sensibo H20

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One my favourite things to do whilst on a shoot is to grill hair and make-up and models on all things beauty. I never miss an opportunity to get their tips and advice and find out about the latest products that they are working with. I am relentless and persistent with my questioning until they either: a) get bored of my probing and ask me to leave, which has happened on occasion but thankfully rarely as they are usually happy to share their knowledge and expertise or b) until I’m required to return back to fashion duty.

It was during one of these Q&A sessions that I was first introduced to Bioderma Sensibo H20, I now notice that unmistakable clear bottle and little pink top in every make up artist’s kit. I have been using this miracle water religiously for about 3 years, the super-gentle solution is soap free, alcohol free and paraben free. Tick, tick, tick, making it the perfect solution for sensitive and or stressed skin. I use it twice daily and it always leaves my face feeling clean and fresh but never dry.

This micellar solution used to be an industry insider’s best kept secret and available only in French pharmacies, which if you didn’t know are treasure troves of beauty products. The French take skincare very seriously and you can expect to see stern looking staff in starch white lab coats attending to customer’s needs with clinical precision. There is no joking around. It’s still slightly cheaper in France so I top up my stash during show season but gone are the days of panic when levels would start to run low as it is now readily available in UK pharmacies and online stores.
If you’re looking for a more gentle alternative to face wipes or a kinder eye make-up remover then this is it. Tried and tested and never using anything else, I am forever loyal and give Bioderma Sensibo H20 the BASE seal of approval, it’s totally legit.


By Abisoye Odugbesan 

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