Features , 14 October 2015

Weleda Skin Food

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I am currently obsessed with Weleda Skin Food,  as the name suggests it is deeply nourishing and hydrating. I suffer from eczema and although Skin Food isn’t a cure, it is intensively moisturising and keeps my skin soft and hydrated.

It is jam-packed with essential oils and natural ingredients like sunflower seed; almond oil and calendula extract making it gentle enough to apply on my very sensitive skin. It is so richly rewarding that I slather it anywhere that needs it, which is pretty much everywhere. It goes to work on dry elbows and knees in seconds and doubles up as my hand cream, as hero products go, this is it!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, it also smells ridiculously good, happiness in a tube, literally. I can’t get enough. I stockpile them and before one is out I’m down to my local health shop for my repeat prescription. Having used it religiously for the past five months or so I can verify that it does deserve its ‘Cult Classic’ status and give Weleda Skin Food the BASE stamp of approval, it’s totally legit.


By Abisoye Odugbesan

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One thought on “Weleda Skin Food

  1. Olutoyin A says:

    I intend to try the cream as I’m totally sold on ‘your say so’ but will you give me my money back if I find that it does not live to expectation? (ha!ha!).
    I must say that this is a great website-very classy and enriching. keep up the good work.

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